Berlin is expecting you!



Very happy you decided to stay in a private apartment. For more than 20 years I have offered furnished apartments to Berlin guests and all say the same at the end of their trip:



"It´s great, for a little time you can feel like a Berliner ..."


On this page I will get you an overview of all the apartments I offer. On the individual pages for the apartments are detailed descriptions of the flats (press the buttons), including prices and of course photos of the interiors. A detailed description of the location of all my apartments in the center of Berlin look here. I live myself in the same building so you always have a personal contact around you.


4 persons, ca. 60 sqm

studio character with

open kitchen

4 persons, ca. 60 sqm

located in a quiet

inner courtyard

4 persons, ca 60 sqm

protected in backyard

direct access courtyard

25+5 sqm, 1-2 persons

longterm stay (monthly)

loft bed (ladder)

A few additional insider tips make the difference for every city break - to get past the standard tourist spots. On my Insider Tip page, I post info on places, events, locales and other “news” that you won’t find in popular travel guides. Generally they can’t keep up with the pace of Berlin! I hope that you find it worthwhile browsing through there and that you find the tips of interest. That’s always what I want, when I want to discover the “real” side of a city I don’t know.

Wishing you lots of fun in Berlin